Yep, I Totally Made Underwear.

And I’ll do it again!

This is the Scrundlewear pattern and the Spoxxy Top, both from Stitch Upon a Time. I made them with the Fly Away Birds fabric from Girl Charlee.

Yeah, I should have changed my serger thread. But I get so lazy when it's something for me...
Yeah, I should have changed my serger thread to white. But I get so lazy when it’s something for me…

The are both very comfortable and I really will make more. I liked the patterns – pattern people (is that what they call themselves?) are using the layers function more often now which is so convenient. This one uses it, but not quite the way I’d prefer. I think it works best when all of the pattern pieces are layered together and leaving only the one you want erases all lines but that size. This one did all of the sizes one at a time (on different sheets of paper), and when you click your size, all of the others disappear but you have to search through a bunch of blank pages to figure out which ones to print. Doing it like that is fine, but instead of layers, it might be better just to say, if you want size n, print pages x-xx. Anyhow. Not a big deal.

The undies

One of my favorite things is patterns with options, add-on or otherwise. Its nice to be able to experiment and find what you like. That said, so often, I find the instructions a little confusing because you’re switching back and forth to different directions and it can be a little frustrating to try and figure out what you’re supposed to be sewing. This happened a little with the underwear. Sometimes in patterns like this, I’d love a quick numbered list of steps. Also, once I’ve made something once or twice, it would be nice to have that too – something to refer back to without having to scroll through pictured instructions.

Clearly, they turned out fine, so it wasn’t a problem – just something that I noticed. They were so easy to put together, and I love how they fit. I will definitely try the boyshorts next.

The top

This was definitely my favorite of the two patterns. I LOVED that the instructions used fabric that had very clear wrong and right sides and even more that they used really bright serger thread. I wish every pattern/instruction-maker would do this! It makes it so much easier to see what you’re supposed to be doing. I fit sewing into very short bursts of time when kids are otherwise occupied (VERY RARELY) so having instructions that are completely obvious is so appreciated.

I added two inches of length to the top and I’m glad I did. I like tops to cover my butt. I know it’s not popular opinion, but in my world, leggings are pants sometimes, damnit. I need to start adding length to all the tops I make I think. I put the band on the bottom, but if I was to make it again, I would probably just hem. I really like the look of bands, but at some point, I have to accept that after having 3 kids in 2 years, the band look is not working for me right now.

I don’t have it yet, but I’d really like to try the versa cami. Although I get so frustrated that I buy a couple patterns from a shop to test them out, and then I want to buy another and see that there was a bundle price for three. Oh well.

This top was the first time I tested out my new coverstitch machine. I did the three needle stitch on the racerback seam and then did the wide double needle stitch on the band. That second one…didn’t work out so well. But I’m learning! I use all of the clothes I make for my kids and me to practice things like topstitching (used to hate, now I love), binding, and all that fun stuff.

I never thought I’d make underwear. Now, I may never throw a scrap of fabric away before seeing if it’s big enough to cover my butt.