Flutter skirts

I found the Figgy’s flutter skirt pattern a long time ago and was totally perplexed. Not because I didn’t like it, just because I kind of felt dumb when I went to draft the pattern onto tracing paper. I used the instructions provided and was being neurotic (I am quick to say that math isn’t my thing, but really, I’m perfectly capable) and it was just not working. Anyhow, I enlisted the help of Mike because I just didn’t feel like trying anymore, but I wanted the skirt! His first comment was, “well this wasn’t written by an engineer.” Anyhow, he figured out where the equation was poorly constructed and got it all together for me. (No real complaints – it was a free pattern…)

With only two seams to sew, once the fabric was cut, it was unbelievably quick to throw together. Like, within a couple of minutes my kids were wearing them. I think my fabric may have been a bit stretchier than called for because the sizing was a little big and they sort of hang awkwardly, but they’ll definitely grow into them. I really like them and since the pattern goes up through adult sizes, and now I know how to do it, it will get a lot of use.

I made some with reversible fabric, because why not!?