It’s been one of those (2) weeks

It always feels like just when I get the ball rolling, the ball spontaneously combusts. We’ve had a major outbreak of long-lasting fevers running through the house. The kind where you know there is no chance you’ll get more than a few hours sleep for the foreseeable future. Mix that with the potty training of two opinionated 2 year-olds and it’s a recipe for disaster.

So I’ve got all these projects cut out and ready to sew and they’re just sitting there on my table, taunting me. I’ve got a memory card full of pictures I need to go through and lists of pictures that I still need to take and it’s just not happening. And I keep thinking, “oh! I’ll do it this weekend,” but then I remember we’ve got family coming so it’s not going to happen then either.

I find I’m easily frustrated by things like this, but it’s out of my control (HAHAHA THAT’S EXACTLY WHY IT’S FRUSTRATING, HAVE I MENTIONED I’M A CONTROL-FREAK?), so I just have to take another step back and pick it up again when things settle. Will things ever settle?

In the meantime, is anyone else as obsessed as I am about what a puff of steam does for your seams? I get really excited and I take pictures every dang time. Which might be absurd.


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