Laurel Tunic

I made the Laurel Tunic, hoping it would work with a growing belly…

I love how it turned out, but I definitely almost gave up part way through. Not really the fault of the pattern – I think I was still getting to know my serger and we had an off day. It’s certainly not perfect, but not so bad that I can’t wear it. It’s very comfy and since I normally wear plainer clothes, it’s fun to delve into patterns a bit. Although I’m pretty lazy about matching. At least all the triangles are facing in the same direction!

The fabric is from the bargain bin at Girl Charlee. It was “flawed” so I bought a bit extra, just in case. Now I have a lot of fabric left over, because it was just fine! I like all the stuff I’ve gotten from there, I just hate how slow/expensive their shipping is. I don’t like to order in huge bulk, so having to pay $10 each time for just a small shipment is a little annoying. Great selection though.

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