Julia Cardigan

I’ve been wanting to make the Julia Cardigan for awhile. I am cardigan obsessed. I have this insanely beautiful orange sweater fabric that I got just for it, but didn’t want to risk screwing it up (the fabric is out of stock), so I decided to do a test version.

I love it! I love it I love it I love it!

I wasn’t a huge fan of putting the paper pieces together for the pattern – I’m super picky about those. Every pattern-maker does it differently, and this way seemed to waste some paper/time (probably related to the size I chose), but the instructions were good, and the sewing was lightening fast. My serger and I seemed to have settled into a reasonable relationship and I even made Mike look at the inside seams for what must have seemed like forever to him.

It looks a little small, but I’m about 7 months pregnant, and I am not wasting time making things just for being pregnant, since I only plan on being pregnant for a few more months. It is unbelievably comfortable and I can’t wait to make the “real” one! In the meantime, I will totally be wearing this one every damn day.

(Mike made me pose belly-out so you could see the bottom panel on the back. I think know he just likes it when I look ridiculous.)

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