DISASTER PANTS. (Actually, a disaster dress)

I have been so excited about making the Pocketful of Posies dress. I saw the pattern and went crazy finding the perfect fabrics for it. 

I don’t even have any photos of it. It was a total nightmare from start to finish.

The pattern is kind of expensive, so I figured it would be well-done with good instructions.

Even piecing the paper together was horrible. And then, despite having more than enough fabric according to the required amounts listed, I ran out and had to piece things together (cut the front in two pieces, same for the back). I am neurotic when I buy fabric, especially if it’s for something specific. I had at least half a yard extra. Anyhow, I finally got all the pieces I needed and then just had a horrible time with the instructions when I went to sew. I ended up with a complete mess. 

The worst thing is that I’d like to leave some feedback on constructing paper patterns, but there’s no way to do so since I didn’t buy it off of Etsy. And she has other patterns that I’d like to try, but now I’m kind of gun-shy about purchasing them. 

Anyhow, I’m going to try it again. I think. But oof. I needed a big sewing break after that one.

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